Giuseppe Quintarelli
31 March 2021
24 March 2021

Villa Franciacorta

I n 1960, Alessandro Bianchi acquired the Villa, dating back to the 16th century, and the hundred hectares of land it was situated on. Since 1978, the Bianchi Family and Villa Franciacorta have produced only vintage Franciacorta wines, made exclusively from their own grapes.

Villa Franciacorta is a small medieval village situated near Lake Iseo in Monticelli Brusati.

Soil analysis at Villa Franciacorta has revealed a marine origin, leading to a great heterogeneity that allows for differentiation of various grapes and resulting in markedly different organoleptic characteristics. Respect for nature, tradition, and quality are the fundamental factors that characterize the company's choices and production.

The owners of the company firmly believe in a life philosophy that is reflected in their use of organic and natural substances for vineyard management, care for the surrounding environment, and restoration of the old hamlet.

Villa Franciacorta wines are known for their high quality and strong connection to the territory, achieved through a sustainable production process that respects the environment. The winery offers a wide range of sparkling and still wines, resulting from years of experience in grape cultivation.