24 March 2021
Barone Di Valforte
22 March 2021

Le Macchiole


D ating back to the beginning of the 1980s, Le Macchiole is one of the historic wineries in Bolgheri, and over the years, it has become a reference point for quality Tuscan wine. Founders Eugenio Campolmi and Cinzia Merli were among the region’s pioneers, and they contributed in a significant way to Bolgheri’s growing fame thanks to their work in creating wines full of character and personality that have become a symbol of the region. Today, Cinzia runs the winery with the essential support of her sons Elia and Mattia, who have become an important presence at the winery, together with a close team of enthusiastic colleagues. They have become one big family that never ceases to innovate and surprise themselves and one another. Ever changing in order to remain faithful to its original vision, Le Macchiole is in continuous evolution thanks to a careful, contemporary reading of wine and terroir. The conviction to pursue organic farming and an increasingly sustainable approach; a style that has become more and more defined, favoring refinement and elegance; and authenticity and personality have all become the defining characteristics of an historic winery that is nonetheless always moving forward, and always aware of the times.

Le Macchiole’s history is entirely linked to its vineyards. From the beginning, extreme attention was paid to the land, and time served to increase the understanding of how nature is fundamental to the creation of an excellent wine. The winery only works with their own grapes, which come from vineyards that have been scrupulously selected over the years, now totally 64 acres located in various areas of the appellation. In essence, Le Macchiole’s team has created a mosaic of vineyards that together form a beautiful picture. The various small plots with unique qualities bring different nuances to the wines. Tapping into these raw materials is what creates Le Macchiole’s style year after year. Respect for the vineyards and the desire to highlight their diversity is what led the Le Macchiole team to choose organic practices, which are the foundation of a thoughtful, sustainable approach to agriculture. Their approach is tailor made and calibrated plot by plot and vine by vine thanks to the precision of their winemaking techniques, manual harvesting, and the double sorting of the grapes in the cellar. Le Macchiole does not make compromises, and this approach to their work is what allows them to vinify only the very best that nature has to offer.