22 March 2021
29 June 2017


T he fine wines made at Roccafiore are not just an oenological proposal, but an extraordinary blend of modernity, tradition, environment and territory.

Love for the landscape, the land and the respect for the ecological balance of the territory of Todi: the perfect ingredients to give birth to a wine-making philosophy following the pursuit of excellence.

The Roccafiore winery is surrounded by vineyards and woods. The modern building is conceived as a converted industrial space perfectly integrated in the landscape. Cement, steel, glass and passion: modernity and innovation are integrated but passion is the leading cause. Leonardo and his son Luca are fully aware of this and, in the name of a tradition that has survived for years, they put their hearts into the process. Their wine is the liquid witness of their commitment. These are the values and the philosophy of a young and ambitious company.