29 June 2017
Le Albare
28 June 2017


F or nearly one hundred years the Gaggino family has been driven by passion and enthusiasm for wine production. Thomas was the first, in the '20s, who laid the foundations for what would become a long winemaking tradition, handed down from father to son.

Throughout its history the family has always directly followed the production, making the best wines with respect for the traditions of the Ovada territory, in the heart of Monferrato. Today the company is directed by Gabriel, who is personally involved in the business. The passion that drives him is the same to that present at the beginning of this great undertaking, and it is this passion which has led to Gaggino wines to be synonymous with quality.

For four generations Gaggino has been proposing the best of its production, obtained by meticulous and careful selection of local grapes in the surrounding area. Vinified according to old criteria, handed down through the years and adapted to changing wine technology, Gaggino offers an excellent product in an ever expanding market. Always attentive to consumer satisfaction, with respect to safety, law enforcement and environmental protection. Great and constant attention is given to the vineyard: the fundamental starting point is in achieving quality.

For the transformation phase Gaggino uses the most advanced facilities in order to optimize every single part of the production process. The cellar is equipped with modern equipment (pneumatic press, fermentation tanks, and temperature-controlled tanks) with which to conduct qualitative vinifications while perfectly respecting the grapes’ integrity. Particular attention is given to the refining phase and aging of wines, which is carried out both in wooden containers (barriques and tonneaux) or in stainless steel tanks. It is at this stage that the wines become enriched in terms of taste and smell and their elegant and complex profile takes shape