Barone Di Valforte
22 March 2021
29 June 2017


T he first early proofs of the Grosjean family in Aosta Valley stem back to the early decades of 1600. After a period of decline between late 1800 and the end of World War II, Mr. Dauphin revivified the company, bottling his first wine in 1968. The family made the business grow and grow until today, with the third generation leading this historic winery.

The land of the Grosjean Vins Winery, in the Aosta Valley, fully meets the characteristics of heroic viticulture as all crops are found on terraces, steep slopes and at high altitude.

Grosjean winery treasures its history, re-discovering traditional techniques that have allowed the company to understand the importance of aerating a terrain that tends to compact over time, being composed of stone and sand. Implementations have also been made to have the vines grow harmoniously and healthy and suffer less the loss of humidity from the soil.

The winery focusses on different autochthonous varieties, among which Neyret, Gamay, Cornalin, Nebbiolo – Picotendro, Petite Arvine, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and the antique varieties Premetta, also nown as Prié Rouge, Pinot Noir and Petite Rouge.

The contact with and love for the land is fundamental for Grosjean, therefore the family has been avoiding the use of pesticides for over 50 years, and since 2011 some of the wines are organic certified – the first ones in Aosta Valley. The winery keeps innovating in terms of territory preservation with many interventions, such as the recent installation of solar panels or the use of drip irrigation to save on water.