27 June 2017
Michele Calò e Figli
24 June 2017

Cantine Paolo Leo

Azienda Vinicola

A combination of history and breathtaking nature in Salento has created unusual landscape and architectures with a unique charm but most of all what remains outstanding till now is the sense of spatial continuity and the interdependence between the sea, the countryside and the towns. And is this continuity that gives this extreme region of Italy, Salento, a strong personality. With spectacular colors, fascinating history, and unique territories, Salento always inspires new images and feelings.

It is not only a marriage between the earth and its fruits but it is also between the earth and its sources; the sun, which is always generous and prolific, the water and the wind, which come from the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea that give to crops that delicious and unmistakenable flavor and sapidity. Not to mention the relationship between the earth and Salento people.

All these factors are clearly manifested in the plants grown in the area. In the late 80s, a deep passion and tenacity has led the current owner Paolo Leo to undertake an entrepreneurial path based on the valorisation of wines made from indigenous grape varieties of the Salento like Primitivo, Negroamaro, Malvasia Bianca and Nera di Lecce. At harvest time, the grapes are selected and are subjected to the first maturity test. And only when they reach the right level of maturity, they are pressed with a modern gentle pressing system.

A fermentation came next under a careful temperature control. These steps are crowned with the production of the wines "Orfeo", Negroamaro 100% and "Fiore di Vigna", Primitivo 100%. Our wines are warmly welcomed at wine competitions and highly rated on the best wine guides. The basic purpose of Paolo Leo company is to provide an appropriate atmosphere for a continued and lasting profit-making relationship with the market through constant attention to taste evaluation of consumers and tireless search for the optimization of the price-quality ratio.