27 June 2017
Cantine Paolo Leo
25 June 2017


F ounded in the early 19th century, the company initially produced only bulk wines and soon became renowned for the "Ascheri method," a unique vine training technique.

The Ascheri Cellars are located in Bra and their forty hectares of vineyards are mainly divided between the municipalities of Serralunga d'Alba, Verduno, and La Morra. However, the origins of the company date back to the early 19th Century when the first vines were planted and the first wines were produced in an area called "Ascheri" in La Morra, which still exists today.

The winery uses a tailor-made software to track all activities and researches in the vineyard and vat room. This allows for total traceability and a valuable database of activities, weather records, and wine history. Grapes are processed without commercial or ideological approaches, with the goal of enhancing their intrinsic characteristics. Wood aging is functional to enhance the varietal and terroir expression.

The vineyards were planted using suitable selections to express the highest potential for each grape variety and location. They follow the principles of sustainable agriculture in managing their vineyards, following The Green Experience protocol for sustainability.

The winery aims to express the vineyard and grape variety as faithfully as possible, interpreted through their own ideas. They focus on concepts of elegance and finesse, natural concentration and balance, while also striving to achieve drinkability and distinctiveness.

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