27 June 2017
Cantine Paolo Leo
25 June 2017


Vigneti e Cantine

T he Giacomo Ascheri Cellars originated in La Morra: in that area, where a place called “Ascheri” still exists, in the early 19th century the first vines were planted and the first wines produced.

As of the early 20th century the Ascheri winery became well respected for its unique vine cultivation method, based on scientific research on vine training and care. Today, Dr Matteo Ascheri still carries on the family tradition of innovation in the respect of the territory and authenticity of the wines.

Although no consultant oenologist follows up the winery, it is one of the most technologically advanced in Italy. A tailor-made software enables Matteo Ascheri and his team to follow up all activities and researches carried on in the vineyard and in the vatroom. It provides total tracability, along with a precious database on the various activities, weather records, wine history.

Present in various parts of the Langhe region, the Ascheri winery produces only wines issued from its own estates. They are highly acclaimed by the media, and acknowledged for their exceptional level of quality and personality.

The Ascheri family is waiting for you in their amazing hotel, a chef d’oeuvre of modern architecture in the heart of the city of Bra.