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25 June 2017
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22 June 2017

Michele Calò e Figli

Azienda Vinicola

M ichele Calò is a family-owned and family-run wine estate located in Tuglie, Apulia, inside the Alezio appellation, one of Italy’s most distinctive terroir for the production of qualità Rosé wines!

The Michele Calò winery stretches over many hectares of vineyard land, mostly planted with the native red-berry Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera varieties. Michele Calò is one of the very few wineries in Italy whose main focus is a Rosé wine. Their Alezio Doc Rosato is nearly half of the winery’s total production. For this reason, the Negroamaro-based Rosato is among Italy’s finest.

Negroamaro (80%) and Malvasia Nera (20%) grapes are carefully sorted by hand at the cellar door, and after being crushed in a pneumatic press they are left in contact with the skins for 16-18 hours prior to fermentation. The free running juice is collected and fermentation begins.

In addition to the Alezio Doc Rosato, Michele Calò also makes three excellent Negroamarobased reds, which rival with the region’s finest.