20 June 2017
18 June 2017

Marco Felluga

M arco Felluga founded the estate in the 1950s and became a leading figure in Friuli's rise to fame. He was innovative, emphasizing the importance of quality vine growing and low yields to reveal the exceptional potential of autochthonous grapes in Collio. The family's passion for winemaking began over 150 years ago in Istria, and has been passed down for six generations.

Collio's mild climate and soil rich in marl and sandstone stratification, called "flysch," create the ideal habitat for vineyards. The region's unique land of mountains, streams, and hills has its own microclimate, thanks to the proximity of the Adriatic Sea and the Pre Julian Alps.

Roberto Felluga, fifth-generation winemaker, focuses on sustainability, innovation and respect for the land's traditions. He adopts innovative processes supported by national and international scientific research to produce high-quality wines with minimal environmental impact.

The estate is VIVA-certified, using sustainable and nature-friendly agricultural practices such as integrated pest management and natural fertilizers, with the goal of achieving a circular economy. A photovoltaic system installed in February 2021 has allowed the cellar to reach energy independence. The quality of both white and red wines is born from these vines, expressive of the territory and its history.