Russiz Superiore
21 June 2017
Marco Felluga
19 June 2017


Azienda Vitivinicola

T he Tedeschi family occupies a prominent place in the history and development of the Valpolicella Region. The first vineyards where acquired in 1630, and ever since the Tedeschi family has based its philosophy on the selection of the best terroirs and their enhancement through constant work and accurate professional choices in vinegrowing. Today, the own vineyards represents more than 50 hectares, spread between the historical Crus of the Valpolicella Classico area and the newly acquired and planted ‘Maternigo’ estate, in a coveted area of Eastern Valpolicella.

Tedeschi is a family run operation in all senses. Under the everpresent advice of veteran winemaker Renzo Tedeschi, the responsabilities are now shared between his three children: Riccardo is the winemaker and follows export sales, Sabrina also contributes to export sales and oversees marketing , while Antonietta is in charge of the domestic market and the administrative issues.

In the past decades, Tedeschi has quietly become one of the most respected brand name for Valpolicella wines and their jewel, amarone della Valpolicella. This well deserved success certainly finds its origin in the consistency of the quality, the proximity and control over the best vineyards, the mastering of traditional winemaking techniques but also in the capacity to present overachieving wines in different categories, from the rarely produced selection amarone ‘La Fabriseria’ or the famous amarone Classico single vineyard ‘Monte Olmi’ to more approachable labels of amarone and Valpolicella wines bearing the Tedeschi name, acknowledged for their quality and personality.

To mark their attachment to the region and its tradition, Tedeschi uses as a graphic symbol and a component of its brands the little ‘Capitel’ a type of votive altar often found in the Valpolicella vineyards.