20 6月 2017
18 6月 2017

Marco Felluga

T he “Collio” is a special land, its landscape covered by mountains, streams and gentle hills. It is here that the family found it impossible to resist the pull of the wine and the land which they knew instinctively to be a soil rich with potential.

The climate here is mild, thanks to the proximity of the Adriatic sea (30 km far away) and the protection of the Pre Julian Alps, with hot days and cool nights during spring (important changes of temperature between day and night) and delicate and mild summers. Each hill has its own microclimate, and the soil, rich of marl and sandstone stratification, is the ideal habitat for vineyards. This type of soil is called “flysch” (“ponca” in the Friulano language).

The estate was founded in the 1950’s by Marco Felluga who was to become in the following decades a leading figure of the Friuli rise to fame. Innovative by nature, Marco was one of the first Friuli to stress the importance of quality vinegrowing and low yields to reveal the exceptional potential of autoctonous grapes on the territory of Collio.