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11 March 2024
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Paride Chiovini

I t was 1997 when Paride Chiovini winery was founded, in the Upper Piedmont area, in Sizzano. In 2021 the company evolved into Società Agricola Chiovini & Randetti with the aim of enhancing the production.

The vines extend at the foot of the Novara Hills in Upper Piedmont, on the eastern side of the Sesia valley. The favourable microclimate and soil of morainic origin, made up of clays, sand and pebbles, make it particularly suitable for viticulture.

The vinification process is rigorous and uses advanced technologies and accurate care. Currently the total production is about 15.000 bottles a year, best exploiting both old vineyards, that have reached a production balance, and new ones, planted in plots historically suited and designed to make the most of sun exposure.

The aim of such care is to obtain a product of great quality, outside of simply trends and mass homologation schemes, in the range of Sizzano Doc, Colline Novaresi DOC and DOCG.

Paride Chiovini winery pays particular attention to sustainability by implementing the European regulation of integrated pest management in compliance with environmental standards.