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4 July 2023
Ciabot Berton
13 June 2023

La Prevostura

L a Prevostura hill is among the best exposed of the Northern Piedmont terroir; it has been giving noble Nebbiolo grapes for centuries. Here, in the estate once belonging to the Marquis La Marmora, the family Quario in the early 1900s brought to fame their Lessona wine.

Now the Bellini family are happy and proud to be an active part of the movement that's reviving the viticulture of Upper Piedmont. Vineyards abandoned during the 20th century for the industrial areas of Ivrea, Milan and Turin are now being resuscitated and replanted.

La Prevostura vineyards, with their 5 hectares, own soils that are rich in ancient marine sands, planted with the traditional grape varieties of the region: Nebbiolo, Vespolina and Croatina.

The produced wines - Lessona, Bramaterra, Coste della Sesia rosso Muntacc, Piemonte rosso Garsun, Piemonte rosato Corinna and vino rosso Giuinot - are expression of an historic terroir, in which the very limited production follows the tradition.