18 June 2017
10 June 2017

La Gerla

Azienda Vinicola

L a Gerla is situated on the gentle slopes below Montalcino. This small wine estate has established itself as one of the best crus in this prestigious territory.

The owner, Sergio Rossi, was formerly involved in advertising and was used to travelling for work and to losing sleep over lay-outs and jingles. This gentleman, with his vivacious character, has succeeded in his goal of creating a small cru in Montalcino where the most modern technology is combined with the know-how of local men and one winemaker.

At La Gerla, human intervention plays an important role in extracting excellent Tuscan products from the land. The farmhouse, with the characteristic name “Colombaia” was once the property of the Biondi Santi family. They used it to make one of the best Brunellos in the area. Sergio Rossi purchased the property in 1976 and restructured it with care and attention to detail. Not long afterwards, in 1978, he created the trademark La Gerla.

Today the estate has 11,5 hectares (28,41 acres) under vine. Sergio Rossi is flanked by a united team of people that have helped him to achieve his goal; the winemaker, Vittorio Fiore, who has been with the estate from the start and is both a friend and a trusted professional, Alberto Passeri, agronomist and director of the estate, Marisa the cellar master, Luca the vineyard overseer and the rest of the team, including Seriano, the first “contadino” to work on the estate, now returned to the property.
In recent years, La Gerla has received consensus and high points in the best guides and trade publications, as well as appreciation in wine stores and restaurants.