Giorgio Meletti Cavallari
18 March 2024
Terre Rosse Vallania
18 March 2024


T he history of Camigliano dates back to a very ancient time. A characteristic land of Italian mezzadria, a word that defines the local system of sharecropping lease, Camigliano has always been devoted to the growing of grape vines and the cultivation of olive trees. The hills surrounding Camigliano are the typical example of Tuscan countryside, which combines fields and vineyards with forested areas. The weather is distinctly Mediterranean, warm, dry and airy.

The old cellar, located beneath the walls of the old farm, is a perfect place to store vintage wines and for wine tasting. The new cellar is located completely underground in order to preserve the integrity of the landscape and to age the wine properly, in barrels and in bottles. The wooden barrels in which the wine is aged are kept in spacious areas and are primarily medium to large in size (50-60 hectoliters), the best size for the long aging process required for Brunello.