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Why us

10 Reasons for a choice

Order even small quantities from different Italian producers with one supplier only.

Management of all the bureaucratic and logistical paperwork.

Solid warehouse and office staff, trained to deal with worldwide shipping of fine wines.

Knowledge of worldwide customs practices.

Best wines from Italy’s winegrowing areas.

10.000 square meters of warehouse and operating facilities.

Creation of customized product lines.

Product education for our clients’ sales personnel.

Guided tours to the cellars we represent.

Personalized marketing and communication projects.


L ongo Since 1961 is the ideal partner for operators dealing in the wine business who seek logistic assistance as well as a complete portfolio easy to order, consolidate and ship to any destination worldwide.

The company offers to its customers abroad a series of very helpful services, that make it a very interesting and useful partner to work with, such as:

Broad catalogue of products from different producers, selected by us from all over Italy. All the producers that work with us, except if especially detailed with customers, work in exclusivity in the countries where we export to.

Ad hoc research for products, thanks to our deep knowledge among the best Italian wine producers after more than 55 years working in the wine sector in Italy.

Possibility of order from different producers with the easier task of dealing with one supplier only; consequent eventuality of ordering also small quantities of any different product, decreasing consistently the possibility of overstocking your warehouse.

Supplying of wines selected by us under the Longo Since 1961 label, that can be used as house wines in restaurants our customers work with. The Longo Since 1961 line is, at this moment, made of a Nero d’Avola from Sicily, a Pinot Grigio and a Prosecco from Veneto, a Chianti from Tuscany, a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo from Abruzzo and an Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Umbria.

Consolidation of orders in our warehouse based in Legnano, situated less than 30 minutes away from both Milan and Malpensa International Airport, and logistic assistance for shipments of orders. We ask you to remember that the minimum time we require in order to produce orders is 15 working days. The operations set up in our warehouse are the following: creation of mixed pallets with all the goods arriving from the different producers, creation of packing lists in which is possible to find out the composition of the different pallets and filming of the pallets with security film in respect of the best security standards in order to avoid damage to goods during transportation from our warehouse to final destination.

Collection from producers and from Italian customs authorities and/or chambers of commerce of all the required documentation for customs clearances (certificates of analysis, free sale/health certificates, certificates of origin) of the products brought from us.

Creation of POS material, useful for our customers’ commercial agents, very helpful in order to increase sales in the final market, such as technical sheets, products’ ratings in wine magazines, products' brochures and so on, with the possibility of giving assistance and formation to our customers’ commercial vendors during our promotional travels.