7 June 2017
2 June 2017

Longo Since 1961

L ongo, with over fifty years’ experience in the complex and diverse world of wine production, is a brand which in synthesis represents the excellent wine industry of Italy.

Today Longo is a significant representative of the different historical and traditional expressions of Italian wine, the inheritance of an antique culture, whose knowledge has become a unique and remarkable patrimony. From this attentiveness, competence and authentic passion is born a range of wines called Longo since 1961, which leans toward quality without neglecting the market economy.

They are the result of careful assessments of the potential of different areas, of the validity of systems in the vineyard and in the winery, and of the market trends. They are terroir wines, which sum up the variety and richness of the Italian vineyard, the new products and tradition, the different souls of those regions where wine has written a story lasting a thousand years.