Tenuta San Leonardo
20 June 2017
20 June 2017

Villa Crespia
Arcipelago Muratori

Franciacorta DOCG

V illa Crespia was born as part of the Arcipelago project, owned by the Muratori brothers. Arcipelago brings a scientific approach to the knowledge and valorization of Terroirs in four different zones of production in Italy. The whole project was conceived and is managed by one of Italy’s best researchers in vinegrowing and oenology, Pr Francesco Iacono.

At Villa Crespia, he has set up a model winery for producing sparkling wines. The numerous estate vineyards are spread in 6 different zones (vocational unities), representing the 6 different geological ensembles of the DOCG. Each area is treated individually relatively to its characteristics. The latest techniques of vinegrowing have been implemented, notably in the field of sustainable management, with some cutting edge research being conducted in cooperation with the Italian Institute of Agronomy.

The winemaking process is ambitious and aim at producing a benchmark for Franciacorta, wines respective of their Terroir of origin which can express itself thanks to moderate ‘dosages’ (addition of ‘liqueur d’expédition” at bottling). Not so long after is creation, Villa Crespia is already acknowledge by experts as one of the most promising ventures in its category. Before long it will become a leading brand of Italian sparkling wines.